Service | Intrust Marine



Our commitment is to satisfy all customers need with good quality equipment and tools, trustable spare parts and best possible fresh goods provisions.
We supply all types of vessel within budget and just in time.


All types of hull, engine and machinery repairs undertaken from in-dock to voyage and underwater repairs. Quality of service is essential to us and we undertake all repairs within pre-agreed budgets and time frames.


Intrust Marine offer general commercial marine surveying and consulting services.
Our goal is to assist owners, underwriters and other maritime interests with all aspects of protecting their assets. This includes all areas of maritime operations from pre-voyage inspections to post-damage surveys. Specific services include the following:

  • Damage Surveys for cargo, hull, machinery and miscellaneous maritime structures Suitability for Tow
  • Draft Surveys
  • On-Hire / Off-Hire and Bunker Survey
  • Condition and Valuation Surveys of all types of commercial marine vessels
  • Lashing, securing, specialized services involving high value, overweight or oversized equipment
  • Cargo pre-load, load, stow and discharge examinations, all dry bulk, refrigerated, hazardous, container and unitized loads
  • Car and Yard Survey


We offer all types of ship chartering arrangements, including full and part charter, consecutive voyage charters based on Contracts of Affreightment and time chartering.
Our direct and close contacts to ship owners around the world are essential in our pursuit to find the right vessel in the right place at a competitive price.